Monday, August 17, 2015

Sibling / Family / Just the girls ~ Pics from last weekend::May 23, 2014

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Finally!! I got a picture of the kids to hang on my wall!! After Josh and Amber's divorces I decided to get just a pic of my 6 original kids, that way I'll have a picture that will never change. (Have I mentioned that I love and miss those 2 ex-in-law kids? We see Karen often, which is so great! But I still miss my Tino - I don't get to see him very often. His birthday is on Monday, so I think I'll remedy that & take him to lunch :) ) Life just gets trickier the older kids get is what I've found.

And there are new ones to meet and love too! Hayley and Gage couldn't make it on Sunday, but Ruth was there with Jared, so we took a picture of all that were there that day:

And we had to get one of the girls and me:

And there always has to be a couple silly pics, right? ;)

I have some great pics of Ruth and Jared that I'll put up soon... right after I get my new computer all set up. My lap top died a sad, slow death. It will be sorely missed! But Steve says this new one will be so much faster - and who can't use a faster computer??

Anyway, more pics coming soon!

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