Friday, August 28, 2015

Rob & Laura's Wedding :: The Cute Couple

Whew! There's a lot of pictures on this post. I wasn't discriminating about which ones I posted... these are all of them. There are a few that are cropped a couple of different ways, and some that have been edited a little differently as far as color/tone is concerned.

I hope that you enjoy these - there was a lot of joy at this wedding, and I think it shined through in the photos.

Remember, there are two ways to view these pictures: either you can just scroll through and see the small images, or click on the first picture and then keep clicking on the right side of each larger pic, which will scroll you through all of the larger images.

♥ Melody

Click on the Picture to See the Larger Sized Pics

Presenting: The Newly Married Couple

As everyone was gathering to the official picture-taking-location, they sat down and had a quiet moment together.

On to the official-picture-taking-location


At the reception:

Cutting the Cake:

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