Monday, August 17, 2015

Jared and Ruth::May 29, 2014

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So, my 3rd child, my 2nd son, 1 of my favorite kids, Jared, has decided that he has found "The One" and wants to get married and settle down with her.

The lucky girl is Ruth.

They met at Walmart working seasonal Christmas work a couple of Christmases ago, but started dating this past ... January, I think, as they both worked seasonal Christmas work again at Walmart - he at the checkstands and she in the bakery. Things got serious in March when he asked her to marry him.

After seeing them together and seeing how concerned she is for his welfare and how she shows him that she loves him, I think he's a pretty lucky guy, too.

I took these pics a couple of Sundays ago when we did Sibling Pictures:

They are a very cute couple, yes? I'm very happy for Jared, and I hope that they can stay as in tune with each other throughout "Forever" as they are right now ♥

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