Monday, August 17, 2015

Photoshoot with Rob and Carlie::June 23, 2012

Last Saturday, Rob, Carlie, & their cute kids met up with Steve and me for a photoshoot. The park they chose was cute and even had some historical buildings closeby to use in the shoot as well. Take a look at this cute family!
Steve helped out by providing comic relief for the kids. At one point, the kids were both laughing and I was excitedly taking pictures. After I was done, Steve told me to look at him. He had a fluffy pink tiara on his head and and some ribbon wrapped around his beard. He said that he had the pink ribbon tied onto the tiara earlier, and would whip it out of his face to play peek a boo with the boys. That's my husband! It is one of the qualities that I love about him: a willingness to be silly. Even in public :) The boys did great! And Carlie and Rob were even able to get a few pics by themselves, while Steve played with the boys.
Steve and I had a great time, and I think Carlie, Rob, and the boys did too. Success! :)

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